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With a very new concept of launching varieties of Ostrich product to the Nepalese market, Ostrich Nepal Pvt. Ltd was established in 2008. This is considered to be established with a motive of introducing a new era to the modern agriculture. The founder and Managing Director of the company is CP Sharma. He himself with the help of other directors TilakrajKandel, Dr. Sharmila Sharma, RajesworiKandel, RaunakBrkramKandel, NawarajShrestha and BishnuGyanwali gave this very unique joint effort possible in Nepal. To upgrade the production in scientific and commercial way, this farm has also established itself to other places in the same district and in other district as well with its increasing demand. It has its higher mission of producing quality goods in a price which is affordable and appropriate for all and also have visualized itself to export meat of Rs. Five billion as well as leather, fat and feather of around Rs. 2.5 billion to the international market till 2020.


Ostrich Nepal is the private company who started the farming of ostrich in 2008. It is the largest Ostrich farm in Asia, which is located at Tilotamma municipality, Rupandehi covering the land of Twenty two (22) bigha(8.81 Acers) and in Suryapur VDC, Rupandehi covering a very big mass of land of one hudred and fifty(150) bihga ( 60 Acers). With the increasing demand of the farmers and also to give the production a bit of commercial and scientific upgradation, this farm has also established itself in Bijauri, Dang where parents Ostrich are kept covering a total farm land of altogether 50 bigga. This farms has various procedures been through from egg production to hatching eggs to meat packaging and customer delivery. Assurance of high quality product is what they do must. It is distributed in the market through various outlets and the ostrich dishes are available in several restaurants of the city.

Ostrich Meat itself being the most healthy red meat , the demand is seen increasing day by day. So, the meat has been also named as a Future meat. Nepalese people interest towards the red meat has encouraged the company for the larger scale production. Till 2017 the company has a target of delevering atleast 1000 Kg of meat per day in Nepalese market.